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After a full fun day of fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society my niece posed for a few pictures for me. It was so nice to see her doing Zumba, laughing and just have a fun time!! It’s been a long year for her and her family and I’m so glad she’s doing so well. As you can imagine, these photos brought much joy to me – I hope they do the same for you! We love you sweet Sabrina!!










New Blog – Follow Your Heart

Come  visit my new blog!! Although I will still be keeping this blog for session posts, I’ve launched another blog “Follow Your Heart” for the more creative images. It ‘s to encourage myself to get out and shooting more – edit more  the things that I love and encourage other to do the same! I would like to inspire others to take a look around at the little things in life and create your own artwork!! Looking forward to reading all your comments! Please subscribe so you’ll automatically get my new posts!

Summer’s End

Even though we’re into October already, today felt like a summer’s end kind of day. The sun was warm as it sweetly went down at the end of the day. I was fortunate to have a beautiful 13 yr old girl to photograph!! We set up in a local cornfield which made a great background for this natural model. It was so much fun that I got carried away and took about 200 images! It’s difficult do stop when you have someone so cute with the best smile in front of your camera!! We’re hoping to talk her friends into doing a photo party! Wouldn’t that be a blast!!  Take a look at some of the creations from today.


I’m sooooo in love with this one!!


Sweet Reyna

For the first time I visited the Big E this year with friends. It was so much fun!! We ate and ate and….oh yeah..we ate!! My all the fun..and it was sooooo yummy. We went with our  friends that  were visiting from Georgia so it was a good opportunity to grab some snap shots. Here’s one of my favorites.

More Vintage Thread

I couldn’t resist creating another image with my vintage thread. Here’s tonight’s still life –


Vintage Thread

I’ve been looking for some vintage thread to  photograph for a while now. A few weekends ago I finally scored! I found some at a flea market in the Catskills. I’ve seen a few photographers create some beautiful images with old spools of thread. Being that I’ve sewed for many years it brings back memories of all the things I’ve made over the years. Keep those memories alive 🙂 Enjoy!

Peonies in Bloom

For the last few months I’ve been struggling with a creative block. It’s a terrible feeling – when you once were able to create an image with minimal effort now everything you  try just doesn’t seem to turn out quite the way you wanted. I’ve been trying to push through and tonight I finally created an image that I love. I hope this is a good sign that I’ll be  back on track. I’d love to start a collection of still life prints.  Today was  a gorgeous day – the peonies are in bloom and I took that opportunity to create an image to enjoy throughout the year! Enjoy the day!

New Fairfield Jr. Prom

It’s that time of year …Prom. It always so much fun to see all the “kids” dress up but oh…..they don’t look like kids anymore! They were all gorgeous and so willing to let me snap away. My friend’s daughter has posed for me many times and it’s always a joy to create images with her. She’s a natural and seems to enjoy it! Here are some shots of her and some of her friends – Hope you all had a blast!

And this one is to satisfy my creative side…Thank Karli for being such a good sport.


Lemons – Food Photography

Finally!! I’ve been wanting to post my lemon images for weeks now. It’s crazy how many things get in the way..laundry…errands…work…being a taxi….

I bought some lemons to play around with-  using my off camera flash for lighting I changed  a few props and background to get different looks. It’s amazing how you can change the mood or feel of an image by changing a few things. Next time your shooting, try a few different backgrounds  and props to let in some for fresh ideas!

Firefighter Photoshoot

Tonight the Candlewood Camera Club had a photo session at the firehouse in Danbury. I thought this was a great opportunity to do some portrait shooting and see some friends. There was a great group of firefighters more than willing to pose for all of us camera bugs. Overall – a successful event! Thanks to all that put it all together and of course…much thanks to our models!