Winter Accessories for Dakota

by marciante

Awwwwe!  I just had to try this! Of course my husband hates when I accessorize our dog but he’s away and I couldn’t resist! Isn’t she cute?? I know it looks like she just sat there with the wind blowing in her face, posing sweetly for the picture and I snapped the photo and VOILA! …sorry, that’s not how it happens. When everyone sees the end results it looks easy but It’s hard work getting it right. After we waited for three days of rain and fog to stop, I trekked out in the mud and chased her around the field trying to get her to stay with a pocket full of treats! Every time I’d go to click the shutter she’d decide she’d had enough and would get up! Well I manage to get an ok shot and then we took her into photoshop!!! She was drooling and had mud an the scarf…. but look at what I got in the end. I Love this photo of my sweet dog Dakota!! It’s not always easy….don’t give up!!!