On Camera Flash

by marciante

I’ve been wanting to try some new techniques with on camera flash – the one thing most photographers try to stay away from because it isn’t always the most pleasing light.  BLAAA! That’s what I thought until I read  Neil Tangents blog. He produces awesome images with on camera flash!! http://www.planetneil.com

 …so I read this stuff and say how cool it all is and some how never make the time to actually try it.  As much as I’d like to think that reading it will magically give me the ability to do something… it doesn’t work that way! I finally decide it was time to dive in and try it. Here’s my first attempt.


Roses_4866 final

Now of course don’t think I just set up  this up, took this one photo and it came out like this. There were many attempts that brought heavy sighs!! I figured I’d start with a still life so  I don’t have to listen to anyone say  “are you done yet” ( my children), while I try to figure this all out! Don’t know if I got it right but I like it!

Enjoy the day!