Rose in a Bottle

by marciante

My second love to photographing people and pets are still lifes. After many years of “HINTING” (19 to be exact!!), my husband came home last week with roses for me for no reason! Yup! Can’t believe it wasn’t my anniversary, birthday or Vanlentines Day.  It made my day!! I guess that makes up for all the ones he’s missed 😦 this passed year. So I can enjoy them for many more days and years…I’ve been photographing them! Maybe I’ll make up some note cards too. A thanks to Dom’s Garden Center in Danbury, CT….they sell TWO DOZEN roses for $14.99!!   Makes a women very happy! Here’s three different versions of a “Rose in a Bottle”. Which one so you like?




                                                                   Tint (below)


000_6553 tint


                                                                   Tint and Texture (below)

000_6553 tint texture copy