Happy 50th Anniversary!

by marciante

This lovely couple will be celebrating their 5oth Anniversary next month!!  How wonderful!  Their family all gathered together to celebrate last weekend. They were the nicest people!! I so enjoyed talking with them and photographing their families and kids. Here are a few images to help them remember their day!

000_7817 BW copy

Can you feel the love????

000_7831 BW

000_7829 BW 8x8 copy

000_7836 BW 8x10 copy

These grandkids were the cutest!!!

000_7923 copy

000_7946 copy

000_7977 BW with noise tex copy


000_8046 8x10 copy

000_8046 8x10 BW copy

000_8081 copy

Don’t you just LOVE this next sister picture!!! They look like they should be on a billboard don’t ya think?

000_8005 copy

…and we can’t forget about Tony…..

000_8152 copy

Thanks folks!! That’s all for now.