365 Project

by marciante

I’m excited to be starting a new project – The 365 Project. I’ve committed to taking a photo a day for an entire year. At first I  thought this sounded easy but I think it’s going to be quite challenging. I will be uploading these photo to my flickr photostream and the flickr group Project 365. I would love it if you visit everyday and view my 365 day journey. I’m sure they’ll be many portraits but I also want to include and explore other areas of photography. My vision is to also document some important things in my life, some everyday events and some things that just happen to catch my eye.  Wish me luck and keep cheering me on!!


This is an ornament that decorated many trees  growing up. I’ve save a few special ones and now use them on my tree. They’re beautiful with their scratches and discolorations. I love them and I’m so glad  that I saved them. Now if anything happens to it, I still have a photo of it. Take photos of things that are special in your life and  write a little about it to save for your family.

Wishing you all  wonderful upcoming  New Year!!