365 Project

by marciante

I’m more than half way through my 365 project!!! For those of you who don’t know..Jan 1, 2009 I committed to taking a photo a day for a year. It’s a great excercise in discipline and breaking out of your comfort zone. For me that’s taking something other than portraits. I wanted to learn more about product and still life photography and also master my off camera flash. Well so far this project has been well worth it!!  Not only have I improved my photography but I developed  flckr friend and support from around the world. It really is so amazing! In the process, I’ve also discovered that I love food photography.  I’ve posted a few images but please visit my flickr stream (link below) and see the  202 photos (as of today) that I’ve taken. I post everyday so if you enjoy looking at photos and are curious as to what I’ll shoot next….stop by!! If you don’t have a flickr account I also post them to Facebook where I’d be thrilled if you left a comment. Send me some ideas of what you’d like to see!!

365 Project

Enjoy your day!!